Complete Employer User Guide pdf format of Rev Emp UG.pdf
file size 7MB     

Cover and Full Table of Contents pdf format of Emp_ug_001.pdf

UI Online Quick Start

How to Start With QUEST pdf format of Emp_ug_002.pdf

Getting Support From DUA pdf format of Emp_ug_003.pdf

QUEST Requirements pdf format of Emp_ug_004.pdf

System Overview pdf format of Emp_ug_005.pdf

Accessing QUEST (First Time and Regular Login/Logout) pdf format of Emp_ug_006.pdf

Navigation and Software Tips pdf format of Emp_ug_007.pdf

Changing/Resetting a Password pdf format of Emp_ug_008.pdf

Employer Registration pdf format of Emp_ug_009.pdf
file size 1MB

Account Activation pdf format of Emp_ug_010.pdf

Account Maintenance

About Account Maintenance, and Navigating to Account Maintenance pdf format of Emp_ug_011.pdf

View Employer Account Profile pdf format of Emp_ug_012.pdf

Address Information and Correspondence Preference pdf format of Emp_ug_013.pdf

Maintain Employer Name pdf format of Emp_ug_014.pdf

Maintain Owners/Officers pdf format of Emp_ug_015.pdf

Maintain Employer Reporting Units pdf format of Emp_ug_016.pdf

Change Method of Payment (Reimbursable or Contributory) pdf format of Emp_ug_017.pdf

TPA Authorization pdf format of Emp_ug_018.pdf

View Rate Notice pdf format of Emp_ug_019.pdf

Voluntary Contribution pdf format of Emp_ug_020.pdf

Provide Information on the Purchase or Sale of a Business pdf format of Emp_ug_021.pdf

Employer Appeals pdf format of Emp_ug_022.pdf

Suspend Employer Account pdf format of Emp_ug_023.pdf

Revive Employer Account pdf format of Emp_ug_024.pdf

Benefit Charge Activities pdf format of Emp_ug_025.pdf

Employment and Wage Detail Reporting

About Employment and Wage Detail Reporting, Navigating to Submit Employment and Wage Detail pdf format of Emp_ug_026.pdf

Submit Employment and Wage Detail pdf format of Emp_ug_027.pdf

View Employment and Wage Detail History pdf format of Emp_ug_028.pdf

View Employment and Wage Detail Calculation History pdf format of Emp_ug_029.pdf

View Submission History pdf format of Emp_ug_030.pdf

Adjustments pdf format of Emp_ug_031.pdf

Submit Employment and Wage Detail For Quarters Prior to 2010 pdf format of Emp_ug_032.pdf

Payment Information

About Payment Information, Navigating to Payment Information pdf format of Emp_ug_003.pdf

Payment Account Summary pdf format of Emp_ug_034.pdf

Making a Payment pdf format of Emp_ug_035.pdf

About Deferrals pdf format of Emp_ug_036.pdf

Search Payments pdf format of Emp_ug_037.pdf

Cancel Payment pdf format of Emp_ug_038.pdf

Request For 940 Certification pdf format of Emp_ug_039.pdf

Request or View Payment Plan pdf format of Emp_ug_040.pdf

User Maintenance pdf format of Emp_ug_041.pdf

Correspondence pdf format of Emp_ug_042.pdf

Workflow pdf format of Emp_ug_043.pdf

Abbreviations pdf format of Emp_ug_044.pdf


A. Hours Worked Guideline pdf format of Addendum.pdf

B. Employment And Wage Data Submission Guidelines And Information pdf format of Employment & Wage Submission Guidelines and...
file size 1MB

C. ICESA File Format Specifications pdf format of Wage Detail File Format - ICESA

D. EFW2 File Format Specifications pdf format of Wage Detail File Format - EFW2

E. Delimited File Format Specifications pdf format of Delimitted.pdf

F.Wage Detail File Upload Troubleshooting pdf format of Emp_ug_045.pdf

G.List of Errors During Employment and Wage Detail Upload pdf format of Emp_ug_046.pdf

H.ACH Credit Application pdf format of Emp_ug_047.pdf

G. Guide to New Services pdf format of Guide to New Services

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