If my company has been determined to not be liable to pay Unemployment Insurance Tax by the Division of Unemployment Assistance, do I have to file the quarterly employment and wage detail report in the new UI System? All employers - Subject or Non Subject to Unemployment Insurance; Contributory and Reimbursable employers that are conducting business in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts are required to file employment and wage detail information. Employers, If paying withholdings, are required to file DOR quarterly employment and wage detail reports to report the withholdings for the quarter in the new UI System.
Will there be a phone number for people to call if they are having a problem with the employment and wage detail filing? Yes, DUA will provide a phone number to call for in-person assistance. Also, in the new UI System online help will be provided in the form of assistive content at field level, Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ), and user guides.
What filing methods are available for Wage and Employment filing? The UI system will provide flexibility for an employer or Third Party Agent to file the employment and wage detail report using - Online Manual Data Entry (limited to 100 employee records); Online File Upload process that will allow an employer to upload a spreadsheet in a delimited format from their desktop, and an Online Copy from previous option which allows employers to copy the names and SSNs of employees from any one of the previous filed quarters and then edit the data by adding any new records, deleting records and entering the employment and wage data for each employee. FTP filing is supported for very larger filers, (10,000 employee records).
What is the processing time of wage file submissions? Employment and Wage detail file submissions using the online upload process will be processed online or in a daily batch process, the online manual filings (limited to 100 records) will be processed in real time by the UI System upon completion of the submission process. The FTP filings will be processed only using the daily batch process.
When wages are entered, will the new UI System drop the requirement to round wages to the nearest dollar? The current wage detail process will accept employment and wage detail filing information to the penny.
Are there any changes for this year's (2009) employment and wage detail filing? Starting December 7, 2009 data will be processed in the new UI system. The 4th Quarter 2009 filing and any adjustments to the prior quarters filings must be processed using the new UI System.
Will QUEST change the way reimbursable employers report employment and wage information to DUA? Yes - Reimbursable Employers will be required to file quarterly employment and wages on this new system. Today, you are required to file your quarterly wages to the Mass. Department of Revenue through MDOR or WebFile for Business. The requirement to report detailed wages to DOR will now be accomplished on the DUA QUEST System. Filing with DUA QUEST will also fulfill your Unemployment Health Insurance filing requirement. These changes will go into effect beginning December 7, 2009.
What is the first quarter that will be filed using the new system? All Employment and Wage detail submissions for the fourth quarter of 2009 will be filed using the new UI system. You may also make adjustments to prior quarters using the new system.
Can an employer report employment and wages by work groups? The QUEST system allows employment and wages to be reported in "reporting units". They are not required, but are offered as an option for employers.