If I have a Third Part Administrator (TPA), do I as an employer need to do anything for the new UI System? Yes, all employers must activate their account online and then grant access to the Third Party Administrators (TPA) to conduct business on their behalf. The authorization serves as an online power of attorney between the employer and an agent(s).
Will the new UI System process Fair Share filing? No, the UI system will not interface with the Fair Share System. All employers must process the Fair Share reporting using the Fair Share system.
Is there anything that I need to do right now for the new UI System? In the coming months extensive communication regarding any transition activities related to the new UI System will be generated by DUA in the form of mail and e-mail and will be posted on the website: www.mass.gov/dua/quest
Will DUA allow a third party accounting software to interact directly with the UI System? The UI System will not interact with any third party accounting software.
If I do not use a computer or have access to one, how will I conduct business with DUA? Employers are required to file electronically. If this is impossible for an employer, you can request a waiver through DUA by writing to: WebFileforbusiness@detma.org.
Once the new system goes live how will DUA communicate with employers? Employers will have the option of receiving correspondence online or via US Mail. DUA encourages employers and TPA s to choose the electronic notification method so they may receive correspondence and notices in a more timely manner.
Will there be any penalties applied to my account? The QUEST system will assess penalties automatically for failure to file Employment and Wage reports and failure to file electronically.
How does this change impact POE's? The new wage collection and UI filing process is a combined process. The process is governed by M.G.L. c.151A which utilizes the Unemployment Insurance Definition of an "Employer". As such, Employment and Wage information will have to be filed at the Employer level. This filing only replaces the WR1 with respect to the Department of Revenue (DOR). Withholding Tax will still be reported and paid to DOR as an aggregate under the Federal ID number you use as the PEO just like the Federal Withholding. We have established a field on the screens used to capture the employment and wage report in QUEST called the Common Paymaster FEIN field. I recommend that all PEO's use this field to record their FEIN. This will enable DOR to establish a link between the employers associated with a PEO.