How far will the system allow an ACH debit payment to be post dated? The UI System will allow only an ACH Debit payment to be post dated up to the payment due date.
Will the system save the bank account information? Yes, if you choose to do so. For an ACH Debit payment the system will provide the user with the option to save the bank information for subsequent transactions.
What payment methods will be available with the new UI system? The UI System will accept three methods of payment- ACH Debit, Check, and ACH Credit. The option to pay using ACH Credit must be pre-approved by DUA. For employers electing to pay using the check payment method, a remittance form must be attached to the check to ensure timely and accurate application of payment to the proper account.
Will there be a penalty for paying with a paper check? There is no penalty for paying with a paper check. The check must be accompanied by a remittance form. Electronic payments are encouraged. Payments will be returned to the sender if DUA is not able to identify an employer account for payment application.
Will the system calculate the contribution (payment) due based on the employer's annual rate? Yes, employers will no longer have to calculate the quarterly amount they owe. The new system will calculate amounts due based on the employer's rate.