Can CPAs still file the employment and wage detail report as they do today for employers? Yes, CPAs can still file the employment and wage detail report for employers in the UI System. However, they must be registered as the Third Party Administrators (TPA) and authorized to conduct the employment and wage detail filing function by an employer on their behalf.
If as an employer I have a Third Party Administrator conducting business on my behalf, do I need to do anything for the new UI System? Yes, Third Party Administrators (TPA) can still conduct business on an employer's behalf. The Third Party Administrator must be registered in the UI System and the employer must authorize the TPA to conduct the business on their behalf.
Will DUA inform Third Party Administrators (TPA) of the new UI System or should the employer inform their TPA? Employers must inform the Third Party Administrators (TPA). In addition, DUA has launched an extensive communication effort to inform all employers and TPAs of upcoming changes related to the new UI System.
If I am a Third Party Administrator, how can I learn more about the UI System now? DUA will be contacting all registered Third Party Administrators via e-mail. Additionally, informational sessions will be held for Third Party Administrators. Sessions started in February of 2009. This website will also be updated from time to time with information important to employers and Third Party Administrators.
Does Bank of America Easy Pay qualify as a Third Party Administrator or Payroll Agent? No, Bank of America Easy Pay does not qualify as a Third Party Administrator or Payroll Agent.
Does the new UI System have any impact on Benefits Third Party Administrators or UI Benefits at this time? Effective December 2009 the monthly benefit charge bills and payments for reimbursable employers will be processed in the new UI System. Charges for contributory employers will also be viewable in the new UI system. The new UI system will also house all employer addresses including addresses to which wage and separation forms should be sent. The processing of UI Benefits (Claims) will remain unchanged until the Benefits System implementation, i.e., in Phase 2 of the QUEST project .
Do clients need to authorize a TPA to submit payments on their behalf? Employers must authorize the TPA to perform this function and other functions (such as submittal of employment and wage reports; maintenance of employer accounts, etc.).
Can an employer authorize more than one TPA to have access to his account? Yes, the employer may authorize different TPAs to perform different functions, e.g., TPA #1 may be authorized to submit Employment and Wage reports and TPA #2 may be authorized to Submit Payments. Note that more than one TPA may not be authorized for the same role during the same time frame.