UI Hearing Process

When an unemployment claim is filed listing you as the separating employer, you may receive fact-finding related to their separation from employment with your organization, and/or requests for wage information. Fact-finding or wage requests can be viewed/responded to via your Inbox.

If the claim is deemed eligible, and you are identified as being liable for the charges associated with the claim, you will be notified via a legal determination document from DUA.

If you have additional questions about UI Hearings, please click “UI Hearings Process” for the number of a Regional Hearings Office nearest to you.


Employer Staff Access and TPA Access

How do I authorize a TPA to respond to benefit claims related fact finding request on my behalf?

To authorize a TPA to respond to fact finding on your behalf, you must assign the TPA to the “Wage and Separation Mailing” role in UI Online. Once the role has been assigned, all fact-finding requests will appear in the TPA’s Inbox.  This functionality exists in the QUEST Revenue system and is not new with UI Online.  

Once logged in to QUEST/UI Online, click Account Maintenance/Third Party Administrator (TPA) Authorization from your main menu/home page.  Then click the “New” button and enter the TPA IDs.  Finally, click “Next”, check the checkbox for “Wage and Separation Mailing” role, and click “Save.”

How do I grant my Staff access to respond to fact finding requests?

To allow Staff access to the “Employer Inbox” to respond to fact finding requests, you must first assign the Staff user the “Account Maintenance Update and Submit” role in UI Online.  You may do this using the “User Maintenance” function from your main menu.  Note: Only the Employer System Administrator may assign roles to Employer users.

If you have additional questions about TPA or Staff assignments, click on the link above to send an email.

Statement of Benefit Charges

The Statement of Benefit Charges is a Monthly Statement that is generated in the first week of a month.  You can view your Statement of Benefit Charges in UI Online - beginning with the July 2013 statements - after the first week of August 2013.  To view the statement in UI Online - starting in August 2013 - log in to UI Online.  Click on the Correspondence link in the main menu, then click on the Search link.  From here, click the search button.  All available correspondence will be listed for you, including any Benefit Charge Statements created in UI Online after July 2013.  To view the document, click on the Document ID.  This will open the correspondence in Adobe PDF.

If you have other questions related to Benefit Charges, please click link above to send an email to DUA. 

Workshare Plans

If you are interested in setting up or modifying a Workshare plan, you can do so from UI Online. Log in with your employer credentials and go to “Account Maintenance” and then to “Request Workshare Benefits”. You will be prompted on the criteria and steps needed to set up a new plan or modify an existing plan.

If you have other questions related to WorkShare, please click link above to send an email to DUA.