Password Reset

Click "Forgot Password", if you cannot login with the userid and password that you have.

Need Temporary Password

If you did not receive a letter with a temporary password for activation, please send us your DUA ID, company name, address, and your name and phone number. We will call you with the password.
Note: Password credentials will only be released to the employer. Userids and Passwords will not be released to Third Party Administrators.

Account Activation

If you are having difficulty completing the form online to activate your account.  Instructions for entering Owner/Officer data.

New Employer Registration

If you are an employer who is not subject to unemployment taxes and only subject to withholding; like a religious organization (refer to How to Register Religious Organizations), or some non-profit and others that only pay withholding, or if you are a business just starting up in Massachusetts.

Inbox and Correspondence

To view your correspondence in on the internet, log in to UI Online.  From the main menu, click on the “Correspondence” link.  Click on "Search" and a list of correspondence will be displayed. Click on the “Document ID” for the specific correspondence you would like to review and the correspondence will be displayed in Adobe PDF format.

To respond on the internet to fact finding questions regarding a claim filed for Benefits, log in to UI Online.  On the main menu, click on “Employer Inbox.”  Select search and a list of outstanding fact finding questionnaires will be displayed.  Click on the “Document ID.”  Enter your answers to the questions, then “Submit.”  Note: If you do not respond to the fact finding by the due date the fact  finding will no longer be available from the “Employer Inbox.”

If you have additional questions about how to use the Inbox, you can email DUA by clicking the "Inbox and Correspondence" link on the previous page.