What types of penalties and fine can be applied?

What are the effects of Penalties on my account?

Question: What types of penalties and fines are applicable to my account?

Employment and Wage detail Penalties: If a submitted wage and employment, detail report is late. Submitted in the improper format, or not submitted at all. The Unemployment Insurance Employer Self-Service System will assess an administrative penalty. Employers should submit their wage detail report, via the correct method, as soon as possible. The information contained on this report effects authorization of, unemployment benefit payments, so the timeliness of the information is critical. SUTA Dumping Penalty: SUTA penalties are the result of employer misrepresentation of any information relevant to the MA UI EAN account for the purpose of lowering or eliminating UI contribution liability.

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Question: What are the effects of Penalties on my account?

Answer: Penalties are due when they are assigned, Penalties will prevent Employer Deferral of UI contributions.

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