Fees for services rendered by an attorney or agent to a claimant in connection with an appeal to the Board of Review must be approved by the Board.  G.L. c. 151A, sec. 37, provides that the Board must approve the amount of such fees before they become payable.

Such services may include:  filing an appeal of a Hearings Department decision; reviewing the hearing record; conducting legal research and preparing a legal memorandum of law in support of the claimant’s appeal; representing the claimant at any remand hearing ordered by the Board of Review; and submission of any further substantive argument solicited by the Board.

If you are a claimant’s attorney or agent, please submit a letter requesting approval of your fee, including the name of the claimant, docket #, an hourly breakdown of the charges, and a copy of the fee agreement signed by your client to:

Board of Review
19 Staniford Street, 4th Fl.
Boston, MA   02114

Claimants will receive a copy of any fee approval letter issued by the Board.

Please note that the request for approval of fees pertaining to services performed for a claimant in an appeal at the Hearings Department level should be emailed to Section37Fee@state.ma.us