The process begins after the Department of Unemployment Assistance (DUA) makes a determination as to a person's eligibility for unemployment benefits, employment tax status, or related unemployment issue. A party aggrieved by a DUA determination has a right to appeal the determination to the DUA Hearings Department. Next, the Hearings Department holds an administrative hearing and renders a decision. Finally, the losing party may appeal this hearing decision to the Board of Review.

Every appeal filed with the Board is carefully reviewed. We review the hearing decision and all of the exhibits, listen to the recorded hearing testimony, and consider the party's arguments on appeal.

If the Board accepts the case for review, we may remand the case back to the Hearings Department for additional findings before we render a final decision. A party who is dissatisfied with the Board's final decision may further appeal to the district court.

If the Board declines to accept the case, a party also has the option to appeal the case to the district court.