• RM 100.00 Generally

    Cases which decide whether income disqualifies a claimant from receiving benefits, in general. 

  • RM 200.00 Plant Closing

    In these decisions, sufficient evidence of a plant closing affects whether lump sum severance pay disqualifies a claimant from receiving benefits.

  • RM 300.00 Self-employment

    Eligibilitly decisions addressing whether base period wages were earned from a claimant's own business.

  • RM 400.00 Severance Pay

    Decisions concerning whether employer payments at the time of, or following, a claimant's separation constitute disqualifying income.  (If plant closing is an issue, see RM 200.00.)

  • RM 500.00 Vacation Pay

    These cases decide whether vacation pay disqualifies the claimants from receiving benefits.

  • RM 600.00 Retirement Pay

    In these cases, the Board decides whether pension, retirement, annuity, or similar payments during the benefit year require a reduction in the claimant’s weekly benefit amount under G.L. c. 151A, § 29(d)(6).