• BR-110825  pdf format of BR-110825

    BR-110825 (Aug. 6, 2010) – A claimant hired as a part-time, on-call employee, whose hours vary from 25 to 38 per week was ineligible for benefits under the Mattapoisett exclusion.  He was not in unemployment under G.L. c. 151A, §§ 1(r)(1) and 29(a), as nothing in his employment relationship had changed and he continued to work under the same terms.

  • BR-107379-A  pdf format of BR-107379-A

    BR-107379-A (July 14, 2009) -- Denied partial benefits to driver who, under the terms of his employment contract, could never work full-time hours.  He was guaranteed a minimum 17.5 hours per week and was on-call up to a maximum of 30 hours per week.