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    0010 6162 10 (Sept. 29, 2014) – Where the claimant resigned to accept full-time employment with a temporary staffing agency, the Board held that the claimant left his former job in good faith to accept new employment on a permanent full-time basis.  Although the nature of his assignments were temporary, the claimant’s relationship with the staffing agency was permanent within the meaning of G.L. c. 151A, § 25(e).

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    0002 1161 65 (Nov. 13, 2013) – Where claimant left her employment for another job without a bona fide offer of new full-time permanent employment, and the new job fell through, she was ineligible for benefits.  The new employer did not provide a start date or starting salary, did not give her anything in writing offering her a new job, and only had her fill out employment forms which could be used by the new employer if she was to be offered the new job.

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    BR-108951 (July 29, 2009) -- Awarded benefits to claimant who left work voluntarily to accept a full-time "temp-to-perm" position, where the new position had all the characteristics of a permanent job, notwithstanding its label.