The Massachusetts Department of Unemployment Assistance (DUA) provides unemployment insurance (UI) benefits and transitional services to help Massachusetts citizens get back on the road to re-employment. 

Who can file for Unemployment Benefits?

Unemployment Insurance is a temporary income protection program for workers who have lost their jobs or had their hours reduced through no fault of their own but are able to work, available for work and looking for work. Claimants receive a weekly benefit of approximately 50 percent of their average weekly wage, up to the maximum set by law.  If you have children, you may be eligible to receive an additional $25 per child per week up to a maximum of 1/2 of your weekly benefit amount.

What if my work hours have been reduced?  Am I eligible to claim unemployment benefits? 
If your schedule of working hours is reduced, you are typically eligible.  You can receive a full benefit for weeks when there is no work or a partial benefit for weeks when there is less than the normal full-time schedule. Generally, you must experience a reduction of at least 1/3 of your hours/earnings in order to receive even a minimal benefit.  Your actual eligibility cannot be determined until you file a claim

How do I file for Unemployment Benefits?

  • Call the Teleclaim Center at 1-877-626-6800 if you are calling from the following area codes: 351, 413, 508, 774, and 978.
  • Call the TeleClaim Center at 617-626-6800 if you are calling from any other area code.

Expanded Hours:  7:30am to 4:30pm Monday - Friday.

How long will it take to find out if I am eligible for benefits?

In general, it takes approximately 3 weeks to process a claim; however, you will still need to claim benefits every week. Once a determination is made, and if you are eligible, you will get retroactive checks for all eligible weeks that you previously claimed. 

What is the waiting week?

The waiting week is the first eligible week of any new claim.  Claimants are not paid for the first week.

How do I request weekly benefit payments?

Beginning on the Sunday after you file your initial claim, you must request benefit payments each week for the previous week, also known as ‘certifying’ or ‘claiming a week’. You can request weekly benefits payments online or by phone. 

TeleCert: (call 617-626-6338)    Web:

Can I work part-time while collecting benefits?

Eligible Claimants are allowed to earn up to one third of their weekly benefit before their UI benefits are reduced.  After that amount is reached (this is called the earnings disregard) each dollar earned is subtracted from weekly UI benefits amount.