1. If the employee had a prior claim, the new claim will be assigned to the administrative judge who heard the previous matter. If for some reason an employee's subsequent claim is inadvertently assigned to another administrative judge, either party may request that the senior judge reassign the new claim to be heard by the original judge.

  2. If a party files a subsequent claim (or complaint) while an original claim (or complaint) is pending, the filing party may move to join the subsequent claim (or complaint) to the original.

Practice Note

Joinder is allowed or denied at the discretion of the administrative judge. For the sake of judicial economy, administrative judges often allow joinder; however, if a motion to join would enlarge the scope of the proceedings, the Reviewing Board has held it is not an abuse of discretion for an administrative judge to deny such a motion. See Marco Polo Rodriguez v. Nat'l Surface Cleaning, 9 Mass. Workers' Comp. Rep. 199, 200 (1995).