Any claim not resolved at Conciliation is assigned for a Conference before an Administrative Judge. MGL c. 152, § 10A. These conferences, like conciliations, are informal, and not governed by the rules of evidence.

The Conference is an informal proceeding before an Administrative Judge. The Judge learns about the case from presentations by both parties and the submission of documents, such as medical reports, wage statements and affidavits from witnesses. Witnesses are not called. At the Conference you would need to show: 

(A) the injured worker was disabled; 

(B) the injury or illness was work related; and 

(C) that any disputed medical bills were for necessary treatment. After the Conference the Judge issues an order, either telling the insurer to pay benefits, ruling that they are not required to pay benefits or that    benefits currently being paid may be stopped.

The Conference Order can be appealed by either party on an   Form 121A - Agreement That No Impartial Physician Report is Required  pdf format of Form 121A
. You have 14 calendar days to appeal from the date of the order. There is a $650 fee to appeal the Conference Order if the appeal is based on a medical issue. This fee may be waived if you can prove the injured worker cannot afford to pay the by filing an Form 136 - Affidavit of Indigence and Request for Waiver of Sec. 11A(2) Fees . If either party appeals the Conference Order, a formal Hearing before the same Judge will be scheduled.