Hearing DMS FAQs

1. Do I need to prepare bar-code sheets for hearing documents?

As a general rule, no. The basic reason for this is that your case may resolve, or be continued, which might necessitate re-creation of bar-code sheets.

2. When is a bar-code sheet necessary for a hearing document?

If you submit hard-copy medical documents after the hearing, but before the record is closed, the judge may require you to prepare a bar-code sheet when the documents are submitted judge.

3. What if I want to submit those documents electronically?

Once again, if a document is submitted electronically, there is no need to prepare a bar-code sheet.

4. Will there be a transcript of the hearing?

When the stenographer has completed the transcript of the hearing, the parties will be notified by email that the transcript is available in DMS.

5. What about deposition transcripts?

Stenographic services should be encouraged to submit the transcript of a deposition directly to the judge in a PDF format. If the deposition transcript is mailed to the judge, the judge's office will prepare the bar-code sheet and scan the transcript into DMS.

6. What if I want to show a video during the hearing?

The witness who will be authenticating the video must bring a DVD player which can be connected to the monitor in the courtrooms.The judge's computer will not be used to play a DVD during the hearing. DIA Parameters for Submission of Video Evidence  doc format of DIA Parameters for Submission of Video Evidence

7. What happens to the DVD after hearing?

DVD's and videotapes that are marked and admitted will be treated as physical evidence. When a final decision has been filed, the parties must retrieve the DVD within 60 days or it will be destroyed.

8. I have photographs to be marked as hearing exhibits, what should I do?

The photograph should be identified by a label on the back side of the photograph. The photograph will be scanned into DMS by the judge's office. There is no need to prepare a bar-code sheet.

9. How will the hearing decision be filed?

Presently, hearing decisions will be filed and mailed first-class mail. Decisions will also be imported and viewable through DMS.