The DIA will be utilizing high-volume scanners to import all paper documents 1 into its DMS. The scanners will be able to handle large amounts of paper, but the documents themselves must be prepared in a specific manner in order to be scanned and stored in the proper electronic file. Therefore, document preparation will be a very important part of the process.

First and foremost, documents must be presented to the DIA (either at a proceeding or via U.S. mail) without any fasteners such as paperclips, staples, binders etc. A large binder clip or rubber band that holds an entire filing together is acceptable. Second, each document (be it one page or 20 pages) must be accompanied by a bar-coded cover sheet. 

The bar-coded cover sheet will identify the document, who is submitting it, the relevant dates and other information unique to the case. The module that allows the parties to create bar-code sheets will be available through secured on-line user accounts via the DIA's web-site ( Tutorial #1 - Creating Cover Sheets  ppt format of Tutorial #1 - Creating Cover Sheets
file size 2MB, DMS - Role of the Attorneys and DMS - Role of the Insurers for further explanation). It is, therefore, required that all attorneys and insurers obtain user accounts to gain access to this module. The user accounts are provided free of charge and only require the recipient to have access to the Internet and a valid e-mail account. To obtain an account see Apply For A DIA Online Account .

Once the DMS is implemented, all documents submitted at Conciliation, Conference or mailed to the DIA must be prepared in this manner. Initial Form filings (i.e. Form 101 First Report of Injury or 110 Employee Claim) need not be accompanied by a cover sheet as the DIA will have that responsibility. Instructions to the attorneys found under the DMS - Role of the Attorneys .

1 Documents will also be submitted to the DIA electronically - via e-mail and other means. These documents will also be imported into the DMS but require no additional preparation. See DMS - Role of the Attorneys and/or DMS - Role of the Insurers for more details.