Conference DMS FAQs

1. What documents do I prepare for the judge?

As in the past, you will provide the following information to the judge:

A.  A conference memorandum, with a bar-code sheet

B.  medical documents, all impartial medical packet submissions (medical and hypothetical questions), and non-medical submissions shall be submitted to the Department of Industrial Accidents (board) electronically, or by compact disc (CD).

Parties are required to submit the conference submissions (medical, non-medical and hypothetical questions) on or before the date of the scheduled conference meeting. 

1.  The medical packet must have a table of contents page that contains: board number, date of injury, employee’s name, employer’s name, insurer, heading, submitting party and date of the document.

2.   The medical packet must also have functioning bookmarks link; be in optical character recognition format; must be clean of notations, underlining, or highlighting of text (unless these are in the original documents); must not contain non-medical documents or hypothetical questions and must have no dividing pages separating each facility or doctors’  reports.

3.   The conference submissions must be emailed to both the judge and his/her Administrative Secretary.  Conference submissions that do not meet submission criteria will not be accepted. And the party will be requested to resubmit the documents.  A hard copy of these submissions may be submitted to the Administrative Judge at the conference.  [Bar code sheets are not required for the Conference Medical Packet, Non-Medical packets or the Hypothetical questions].

C.  If appropriate, non –medical documents, with content page that contains: board number, date of injury, employee’s name employers, insurer, heading, submitting party and date of the document

2.  What if I receive a medical report on the day of the conference, and my packet has already been     prepared?

The new medical report shall be properly prepared and submitted to the judge at the time of the meeting.   However, additional medical documents that were not part of the Conference packet will only be accepted and forwarded if received by the Department at least fifteen business days prior to the scheduled impartial examination.  Any additional medical documents received within fifteen business days of the examination will only be accepted at the discretion of the Administrative Judge and the Senior Judge.

3. What kinds of tabs are acceptable?

The only acceptable tabs are electronic bookmark links.

4.  How should documents be presented to the judge at conference?

Please separate the medical documents from the non-medical documents and hypothetical questions.  The packets shall be sent electronically or by CD and the Conference Memorandum and the Last Best Offer should also be separate from the medical packets.  [Bar code cover sheets are necessary for the submission of the Conference Memorandum and Last Best Offer].

5.  Can I ‘highlight’ medical documents for the judge’s convenience?

No.  The medical documents will ultimately be forwarded to the impartial doctor and should not have any highlight marker or other markings for the judge’s convenience.  (You may choose to offer the judge a separate indexed packet for his/her use.)

6.  What happens to the documents after conference?

The documents are vetted and uploaded into OnBase, which is the DIA document management application.  The uploaded electronic reports are made available for the impartial physician’s if there is an appeal of the conference order.   The hard-copy medical documents submitted for the convenience of the Administrative Judge is shredded after the conference order is published.

7.  How do I know all my documents have been properly uploaded?

Within 72 hours of receiving the conference order, you should be able to access the board file using your CMS account.  It is your responsibility to verify that all your documents have been properly uploaded.

8.  What if I see that some documents have not been uploaded?

You should contact the judge’s office to notify them of the problem.  The judge’s office will take corrective action.

9.  I have a DVD that I want the judge to view.

      The DVD must be formatted for viewing by Windows Media Player.

10.  Do I need a bar-code sheet for DVD’s ?

No, but the DVD must be clearly labeled with the DIA file number, employee name, date of injury and the dates of the video activity.

11.  How do I submit to the judge documents received after the conference?

        You may submit them in several ways:

    1. You can send documents electronically as an email attachment.  In this way you do not needed to prepare a bar code cover sheet.
    2. You can send documents through first class mail.  If you send it this way, you must prepare bar code sheet for each document.

12.  Do I need a bar-code cover sheet for a cover letter?

       No.  A cover letter would be incorporated to which it is attached.

13.  Can I use paperclips for small packages or single reports?