Practice before the Reviewing Board will be similar to all proceedings in the Dispute Resolution process: parties are encouraged to submit documents electronically when possible, and in hard copy when required by 452 C.M.R.

1. How Should Motions Be Submitted?

Motions should be properly formatted, and filed as a PDF attachment to an email. The cover letter for a motion should be drafted on your letterhead template, and submitted as a PDF file.

2. When should briefs be filed?

Briefs should be submitted only when you have been informed by the Reviewing Board of the briefing schedule.

3. Should briefs be filed electronically?

Yes. Briefs should be filed electronically. However, pursuant to 452 C.M.R  ….., you should still submit four hard copies of the brief to the Reviewing Board.

4. Do I need to create a bar-code for a brief?

If you have submitted the brief electronically, it is not necessary to prepare a bar-code sheet when you submit the hard copy pursuant to the regulations. It is only necessary to prepare a bar-code sheet when you have not submitted your brief electronically.