Attorneys and Insurers seeking online user accounts can do so by accessing the request form.

On-line user accounts are required in order to generate the necessary Bar-Coded Cover Sheets for DMS compliant document submissions to the DIA. The accounts also have many benefits for both attorneys and insurers. Attorneys can review the chronology of all their cases (where they are the attorney-of-record), view a event calendar showing all upcoming events (conciliations, conferences and hearings) for their cases and, of course, view all case documents on file.

Insurers can equally see the case history for all matters to which they are a party. 

The online account system has robust security that allows only authorized parties to see case information and documents. Again, only those entities that are a party to a case will gain access to the case documents and information.

There are no user fees or start-up fees for the online accounts. The only requirements are that you have Internet access and a valid e-mail account.