Insurers' will continue to interact with the DIA as before. However, should an insurer have a need to submit documents (those in hard copy) they too must do so by utilizing the bar-coded coversheets -   Tutorial # 1 - Creating Document Coversheets - A Tutorial For Online Users  pps format of Creating Coversheets
file size 2MB . . Insurers will be able to access the bar-code generator through the DIA's Internet portal by way of a user account. This module produces coversheets for each document to be submitted to the DIA and identifies it by document type, case board number and other relevant keywords. The insurer only needs to input a limited set of data (generally 2 to 5 fields) in order to create a coversheet. Once the sheet is printed is must be placed on top of the document to be submitted. Again, no fasteners of any kind may be utilized. The user account will also allow the insurers access to the electronic file within the Case Management System as well as the DMS. Please note that where an insurer is filing a Form 101 First Report of Injury on behalf of an insured or any initial filing (where a DIA Board # has not yet been established) the bar-coded cover sheet is NOT required. The DIA Office of Claims Administration will handle the documents and be responsible

Process steps:

  1. Filing Forms - when filing forms (in hard copy) they should be accompanied by a bar-coded cover sheet. The exception being (as stated above) where there has been no case file established with the DIA and therefore no DIA Board # or existing electronic file within CMS. Note - the DIA is working an electronic "batch submission" system whereby insurers will be able to upload multiple form filings via a secure connection. The batch submissions will eventually eliminate the need for remission of paper forms to the DIA. There will be announcement at a later date regarding the batch submission system.
  2. Conciliation - claims adjusters who attend Conciliations instead of an attorney, or because legal counsel has not been assigned, will be instructed only to bring new documents to the conciliation (nothing that has already been submitted). Any documents submitted to the Conciliator must be accompanied by a bar-code coversheet - one for each document.