Pursuant to Executive Order #456 the process of identifying, screening and nominating candidates for the positions of administrative judge and administrative law judge for the Department of Industrial Accidents (DIA) has been revised. The new, detailed process is designed to ensure that this opportunity is given to all qualified men and women in the Commonwealth, and that the pre-eminent consideration for nomination is merit. Consistent with these objectives, the DIA is immediately implementing new procedures for all judicial applicants, including judges seeking reappointment. Our goal is to provide an informative web-based portal through which applicants can become familiar with the application and nomination process. We welcome comments and suggestions as we begin administering the new policies and procedures. Please contact us at Info2@massmail.state.ma.us

Executive Order 456 - Industrial Accident Board Nominating Panel

DIA Judicial Term Expiration Dates

Judicial Nominating Panel pdf format of nominating_panel.pdf

Judicial Qualifications Guidelines  pdf format of Judicial Qualifications Guidelines

Judicial Application  doc format of Judicial Application

Judicial Application Instructions  doc format of Judicial Application Instructions