The Operations Unit is composed of several units - Impartial Scheduling, Judicial Support and Hearing Stenographers.

Impartial Scheduling Units maintains the schedules of the Administrative Judges (AJs) and Administrative Law Judges (ALJs), the distribution of Board files, specialized scheduling and processing requests as well as schedules impartial medical exams.

Judicial Support consists of the administrative assistants to the AJs and ALJs.

Hearing Stenographers record verbatim testimony at Hearings. They provide transcripts to Judges, the Reviewing Board and case participants. The Unit also records any additional proceedings that are conducted with the Division of Administration to include Public Hearings, Stop Work Order (SWO) hearings, Bidder/Vendor Conferences and § 65B Insurance Cancellations Hearings.

Parties who would like to order a copy of their Hearing transcript must send a written request to the Senior Judge, Omar Hernandez, Department of Industrial Accidents, 1 Congress St., Boston, MA 02114-2017. After your request has been received, you will be contacted when the transcript has been completed. You will receive a copy of your Hearing transcript via e-mail. For more information please contact Karen Grippen, Hearing Stenographer Manager at 617-727-4900, ext. 7450.