Hearing Stenographers record the entire proceedings at Workers' Compensation Hearings, i.e. Verbatim Testimony, Objections, Rulings and Motions. They place completed Hearing transcripts on the Document Management System (DMS) in case number specific virtual files for access by Judges, the Reviewing Board and Case Participants who have access permission.

Hearing Stenographers also record additional proceedings that are conducted within the Division of Administration which include Public Hearings on rules changes, Stop Work Order Appeal Hearings, Bidder/Vendor Conferences and Section 65B Insurance Cancelation hearings which are not routinely stored on the Document Management System.

Parties who wish to request transcriptions of Hearing proceedings for placement on DMS or other form of access must send a written request to the Omar Hernandez, Senior Judge, Department of Industrial Accidents, 1 Congress Street, Suite 100, Boston ,MA 02114. Once the requests is received and the transcript has been completed and placed on the Document Management System, the requesting party will be also notified.

Transcript types other than Workers' Compensation Hearings may be forwarded via e-mail in PDF (Portable Document Format) or via US Mail in hard copy. If you have any questions, please contact Edna Smith, 617-727-4900, x. 7450