If the parties involved in the workers' compensation dispute do not reach an agreement at Conciliation, the case can be referred on to a Conference before an Administrative Judge (AJ). Twenty-one AJ's preside over disputed workers' compensation cases from the Conference proceeding to the Hearing stage.

Conferences involve informal, non-evidentiary proceedings where each party (usually represented by an attorney) presents brief oral arguments and submits documents to support their side of the case. The AJ will issue a Temporary Order addressing the matter in dispute. Either party may appeal the order and request a Hearing.

Unlike the Conference, the Hearing is a formal proceeding where contested issues are heard de novo (without regard to what happened at the Conference) under the Massachusetts Rules of Evidence, and the prescribed DIA Regulations. A court stenographer is assigned to record the Hearing. After the Hearing concludes, and all motions are ruled on and necessary depositions are filed, the AJ issues a formal Hearing Decision containing findings of facts and rulings of law.

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