The DIA takes the safety of those that we serve, including our staff, very seriously. The Dispute Resolution process, including Conciliation, Conference and Hearing, takes place both in the main office in Boston and the four regional offices. All offices offer a professional, safe and secure environment.

At the Worcester Regional Office, you should plan to arrive no less than 20 minutes before your scheduled appointment. You will need to register at the Front Desk upon your arrival and remain in the public waiting room until your proceeding is called.

Please be advised that the Worcester Regional Office has security screening in place. The security officer will be present and will "wand" visitors and perform bag searches at various times of the day.

Attorneys who present a valid Bar Card and picture identification will not be subject to those security measures on a daily basis; however, there may be instances when all parties to a case will be "wanded" and have bags searched, including attorneys involved in the case.

These security measures have been implemented for the safety of DIA employees and visitors conducting business at our agency. Your anticipated cooperation is greatly appreciated.

As Attorneys are officers of the court, we consider them to be our partners in providing for a safe Dispute Resolution process. Any potential problems that may call into question the safety of the public, other members of the Bar or our staff should be identified as far in advance as possible to the Regional Manager. We will take all reasonable precautions necessary to provide for the safety of all parties involved which may include hiring a Massachusetts State Police Detail.

Members of the Bar have been provided with an "Attorneys' Lobby" located beyond the locked door leading from the reception area. This room is intended for members of the Bar for the purpose of discussing, negotiating and settling cases. Attorneys are asked to instruct their clients to wait in the waiting room.

When not otherwise reserved for DIA use, and during busy periods, the Regional Manager may at his discretion open the large conference room located off the Attorneys' Lobby. This room is also available upon request to view videotapes relative to proceedings.