The DIA made a major transition to reduce paper-flow into and within the agency with the implementation of the Document Management System in 2009. By July 1, 2011, another major step will take place: the impartial physicians will access the medical records electronically, through CMS. This is the same manner in which members of the bar access board files,

This is a transition that is eagerly anticipated by most of the impartial physicians. They will no longer receive printed medicals which they must keep in their offices until a case has been resolved. The impartial physicians will have access only to the medical reports and hypothetical questions submitted through the judges office, and for only as long as a claim/complaint is active. No impartial physicians will be removed from the roster if they are unable to adapt to the change in procedure.

At conference, employees and insurers will continue to give the judge a single copy of their medical and non-medical submissions. It will no longer be necessary to prepare bar code sheets for each document. Rather, the parties will submit to the judge a PDF-format file containing the documents and bookmarks. It is that PDF file that will be available to the impartial physician.

The anticipated time for full implementation of the new filing procedures is July 1, 2011. Every effort will be made by the Department to make the transition as smooth as possible for all participants. There will be ample information sessions for all members of the bar and their office staffs, just as there was during the transition to DMS. That transition went very smoothly, as we anticipate the transition to PDF-format will be successful.

This tutorial is designed to walk through the correct steps to prepare and format the conference packets properly as of our "go live"date.