As the administrator of the workers' compensation system in the Commonwealth, the Department of Industrial Accidents (DIA) is committed to ensuring the system is efficient and user-friendly.

The Massachusetts Workers' Compensation system is in place to make sure workers are protected by insurance if they are injured on the job or develop a work-related illness.

We adjudicate disputed workers' compensation claims fairly and promptly. Our Division of Dispute Resolution is tasked with swiftly resolving matters that have a real impact on the lives of injured workers and on the bottom line of businesses in the Commonwealth. We manage our caseload in an efficient and expeditious manner with the goal of quick, just case resolution.

Our Investigation Unit is responsible for enforcing  the Workers' Compensation law, Massachusetts General Laws Ch. 152, § 25A, ensuring that all employers maintain updated Workers' Compensation policies. Under this system, all employers in Massachusetts are required to carry workers' compensation insurance covering their employees, including themselves if they are an employee of the company. 

The insurance pays for any reasonable and necessary medical treatment for job-related injury or illness; pays compensation for lost wages after the first five calendar days of full or partial disability; and in some cases provides retraining for employees who qualify. 

This system helps level the playing field for all businesses, and prevents costly uninsured injuries which become the responsibility of the Workers' Compensation trust Fund.

The DIA has recently overhauled Utilization Review (UR) regulations, providing the claimant with the best possible medical care at the lowest possible cost. Our Office of Health Policy has instituted a more stringent UR agent certification process and conducts frequent audits of these entities.

Our Safety Training Grant Program has provided workplace safety training opportunities to hundreds of businesses and hundreds of thousands of workers across the Commonwealth. Safer work environments help employees and may lead to reduced insurance rates. A safe workplace is in everyone's best interest.

To maximize operational efficiencies, the DIA employs web-based, real-time form-filing and case management tools for attorneys, insurers and impartial medical providers. Case files can be accessed through our Document Management System, including a calendar system. Fines and fees can be paid online, providing payment flexibility and streamlining our accounts receivable process.

We are committed to continuing the DIA's record of successes and maintaining the Commonwealth's reputation for having one of the best Workers' Compensation systems in the nation. It is our commitment to make the DIA an example of government at its best.