Pursuant to 452 CMR 4.00 - Vocational Rehabilitation et seq., the Office of Education and Vocational Rehabilitation monitors the provision of vocational rehabilitation services under workers' compensation in Massachusetts. Each rehabilitation provider will be evaluated periodically by OEVR. The evaluation will focus on the quality of services provides, the costs of such evaluations may be done through random case file audits, audits triggered by written or verbal complaints from interested parties, or audits otherwise determined as necessary by the OEVR director.

All VR case files with OEVR need to be properly documented by the rehabilitation provider in order for this office to assess the appropriateness and timeliness of services being provided. File documentation on the following items:

  • OEVR is to be notified as soon as possible when a referral for vocational services is received from the carrier by the provider. An initial vocational evaluation report by the vocational consultant should not be the first notice of referral by the provider. Ideally, OEVR should be copied on the referral acceptance letter to the carrier
  • Progress reports are required every 30 days while the plan is being developed.
  • An Individual Written Rehabilitation Program Form (Form 151) (IWRP) (Form 151) will be filed within 90 days of referral. An extension request should be done if the IWRP is expected to take longer than that to develop.
  • An OEVR Amendment, Suspension or Closure of Vocational Rehabilitation Plan (Form 152) is done when the case is closed or when services have ended regardless of whether an IWRP has been developed.

OEVR's preferred method of receiving documents is by e-mail attachments. We do have the capacity to receive encrypted e-mails and documents. Please contact this office directly if you have any concerns or questions relative to this issue. because of the signatures required for IWRPs and Closure forms, it is permissible to fax such documents to us. These documents should be typed and legible upon receipt here. Ideally they should be originals or first generation copies.