A closure takes place when vocational rehabilitation services have been initiated and later it is determined that services are no longer necessary, feasible, or desired by the client. Closure may also occur when an injured worker completes a vocational rehabilitation program and is employed successfully for sixty (60) days. 

All requests for closure must be filed with the Office of Education and Vocational Rehabilitation (OEVR) on its Closure Form. This form is completed and signed by the provider and then sent to the appropriate Rehabilitation Review Officer (RRO). This form is required in order to close any case in which OEVR has deemed the client suitable for services and such services have been initiated. The provider should send a narrative report in addition to the Closure Form as the Closure Form is insufficient for the RRO to assess the appropriateness of case closure.

Vocational rehabilitation services are terminated for many reasons and not all requests for closure are appropriate. For example, a lump sum settlement in and of itself is not a valid reason for case closure. The provider has a responsibility to discuss that case with the RRO prior to case termination.

Closures should meet the following criteria: (1) all parties should understand the reasons for case closure; (2) the client is told of the possible impact on future vocational rehabilitation rights; (3) the case is discussed with the RRO; (4) a complete closure form is submitted by the provider to OEVR. When a client successfully completes an Individual Written Rehabilitation Program (IWRP) and has worked for at least sixty (60) days the case should be closed. The Closure Form must list the new job title, DOT code, employer name and address, client wage, and the other required information.


A. The Closure Form must contain the following information:

1. Employment status

2. Name of employer

3. Hourly wage

4. Whether the client has been continuously employed for 60 or more days

5. Date returned to work

6. Job title and DOT code

7. Total vocational rehabilitation costs of all services rendered after the date of OEVR's Determination of Suitability (DOS).

B. The provider does not need to submit a Closure Form if OEVR has not deemed the client suitable for VR. However, no case in which OEVR has determined suitability may be closed with respect to VR services without the submission of a signed and dated VR Closure Form and approval by OEVR. The provider needs to submit a Closure Form to OEVR on any case in which OEVR has deemed the client suitable for services and VR services have been provided.