Costs of vocational rehabilitation services Pre- and Post-Individual Written Rehabilitation Program (IWRP) are to be calculated from the date of the Office of Education and Vocational Rehabilitation's (OEVR) initial Determination of Suitability and reported to OEVR on Quarterly and Closure reports. Where applicable, the actual or estimated cost of each individual vocational rehabilitation service must be accurately entered on the IWRP. If the data is incomplete the Rehabilitation Review Officer will return the document back to the provider requesting it be completed properly. 

(Where OEVR requires the reporting of overall cost data, in the Case Amendment/Closure reports, such data should reflect the costs relating to vocational rehabilitation services provided subsequent to OEVR's initial Determination of Suitability. Where individualized (per service) cost data is otherwise required, as in the IWRP, such data must also be completely and accurately reported.)