A. The Individual Written Rehabilitation Program (IWRP) is ready to be written when an employment goal and a vocational goal have been identified consistent with the client's interests, skills and abilities, and it is marketable and will not aggravate or compound the disability. 

B. The IWRP must be approved by the Office of Education and Vocational Rehabilitation (OEVR) before all vocational rehabilitation activity (with the exception of those services detailed in C below) has begun. IWRPs must be reduced to writing in a manner approved by OEVR. Do not present a "verbal" IWRP to the insurer for approval. If the Insurer refuses to support the IWRP it must be returned to you with a letter stating the reasons for the refusal.

C. On-Site Job Analysis, Transferable Skills Analysis, Work Evaluation and Vocational Counseling are the only services that may be performed prior to IWRP approval since this information will be needed in order to develop an IWRP.

D. Providers are responsible to ensure that the pre-injury employer has been contacted to determine if modification or alternative employment is available.

E. Books, supplies, transportation, etc. must be accounted for in the IWRP and arrangements for tuition payment, books, supplies, transportation, parking, etc. should be made well before the start of each semester.

F. Providers are expected to present the parties with all applicable information relating to the availability of outside sources of funding.

G. To insure an appropriate and successful retraining program, clients must first be vocationally and academically evaluated to determine whether they are able to pursue a retraining program. Testing should include such evaluation instruments as: WAIS, WRAT, vocational evaluation work samples, interests inventories, etc.. Test results of any academic testing must be in grade equivalents or in percentiles.

H. Providers are responsible for ensuring that a program description setting forth required courses, entry requirements and school placement rate is obtained and attached to the IWRP.