Vocational rehabilitation services involving placement into modified employment follow the same requirements in respect to the filing of progress reports and development of Individual Written Rehabilitation Programs (IWRPs) that apply to all cases. When vocational rehabilitation services has been administered to an employee who has returned to employment in a transitional status for thirty (30) or more days following OEVR's determination of suitability, the provider should contact the assigned departmental Rehabilitation Review Officer (RRO) for the purposes of determining the need for an IWRP. No IWRP will be approved which does not involve placement into permanent employment.

(Providers are to report the progress of every case to OEVR in thirty (30) day intervals until case closure or as otherwise required in accordance with an approved IWRP developed according to the established hierarchy of employment goals within ninety (90) days of a provider's assignment to the case. Where modified employment will not result in permanent placement, an IWRP for permanent placement must be developed.)