The Office of Education and Vocational Rehabilitation (OEVR) shall contact and meet with each injured employee who it believes may require vocational rehabilitation services in order to return to suitable employment. Any such employee who refuses to meet with OEVR shall not be entitled to weekly compensation benefits during period of such refusal. (No change). 

An insurer may reduce weekly benefits by 15% to any employee deemed suitable for vocational rehabilitation services by OEVR when employee refuses such services during period of refusal. No lump sum settlement shall be reached when deemed suitable by OEVR (Note: this does not mean a certified provider) who has not completed an appropriate vocational rehabilitation program, pursuant to § 30, without the express written consent of the Office. Employee aggrieved by 15% reduction or prohibition of a lump sum settlement under this section may file a claim for reinstatement of benefits or removal of such prohibition; provided that compensation shall not be reinstated nor the settlement allowed unless claimant demonstrates no vocational rehabilitation program of any kind would be appropriate for such claimant.