Important Information

The required format for submission of § 15 petitions was revised as of January 4, 2001. The revised format is linked below. Petitions which do not conform to the new format will be returned to the petitioner for revision.

In order to assist in the proper preparation of § 15 petitions, a new (as of May, 2012) INTERACTIVE § 15 Petition is also now available for download below. The INTERACTIVE § 15 petition is a program designed to automatically perform all calculations necessary to meet the requirements of the Hunter and Curry decisions. In addition, the INTERACTIVE § 15 petition will automatically place this information into the required format for submission. Detailed instructions for use are contained within the program.

In addition, a simple § 15 CALCULATOR is also available for download below. The calculator is designed to provide a quick method for determining all required Hunter calculations, including excess, offset, fee apportionment and percentages. Detailed instructions for use are contained within the program.

Once this program has been SAVED TO YOUR DESKTOP, you will NOT need to return to this page for every §15 petition you file. Any updates to the petition will be announced on the website under "News and Announcements". At that point you would need to save the new program again with the changes.

Please note that in order to download and run this interactive program, including the calculator, you must have the Microsoft Excel '97 version or later installed in your office or home software program. If you do not, you may go to OpenOffice and download their free suite of tools that stand in for many software programs, including EXCEL.

INSTRUCTIONS: (Revised May, 2012)

1. A type-written response is required for all questions. Handwritten responses will be rejected.

2. Send the original petition and four copies. We will retain the original and return the copies to you for distribution.

3. Enclose a large self-addressed envelope, with sufficient postage affixed.

4. If applicable, enclose a copy of the contingent fee agreement, copies of expenses and a copy of the Lump Sum Agreement.

Send entire package to:

Department of Industrial Accidents
Central Scheduling Unit
1 Congress St., Suite 100
Boston, MA 02114-2017

For a § 15 Petition to be heard together with a Lump Sum settlement under § 48, send a cover letter requesting a conference before a judge, together with one copy of the Petition and one copy of the Request for Lump Sum, to the above address.

Download  Section 15 Interactive Petition v.2.62  xls format of Section 15 Petition

Download  Section 15 Calculator Version 8.5  xls format of Section 15 Calculator Version 8.5