All public records requests must be made in writing to the Keeper of Records, preferably on the Records Request Form. You can find this form on the DIA's webpage ( Currently, if the date of injury is between 1968 and 1994, the file will be stored at the state archives. If the date of injury is between 1995 and 2005, the file will be stored at our off site facility in Dedham. Dates of injury from 2006 to present are on site in the Boston Office. Please not that this is subject to change as space becomes limited. Complete files are releasable to only those that are/were a party to the file being requested. If you represent an injured worker on a current matter, you are not entitled to receive copies of any prior injuries without a signed authorization from your client.

The Keeper of Records Office (KOR) [also known as the Records Access Officer] responds to requests for records in compliance with Massachusetts Public Records Law [MGL c. 66]. A WRITTEN request must be sent to the KOR. All documents that are not considered public records, or considered exempt under the MGL c. 4, § 7(26), in whole or in part, shall be withheld. The Keeper of Records for the Department of Industrial Accidents is Bill Taupier, Director of Administration, 617-727-4900 ext. 7560,

  • The Baker Administration has implemented standardized production costs in response to public records requests, and in the interest of cost savings and environmental purposes, fulfill requests electronically as able.
    • Electronic Copies: No charge for duplication*
    • 1-4 precisely defined documents: No charge**
    • Black and White Hard Copies: 10 cents per page for single- and double-sided copies.
    • Color Hard Copies: 50 cents per page
  • To improve communications with the public, secretariats and agencies through their KOR will notify a requester within 5 days if the records they are seeking may take more than 10 days and/or $10 to produce. Requests should be fulfilled in no more than eight weeks, with any extension being explained to a requester in writing.
  • DIA will regularly make available frequently requested information and/or records on their website and provide information as able, in electronic, searchable formats.
  • The DIA will waive search and retrieval fees for standard public records requests, provide at no cost the first 4 hours of work required for more complex requests, and charge no more than $25 per hour for additional time required and notify the requester of those costs in advance.

*Costs for discs, thumb-drives or other storage devices necessary to transmit requested documents still apply.

**To be provided within 3-9 days of receipt of the request.

Checks should be made payable to the "Commonwealth of Massachusetts'.