Apart from the anti-discrimination provisions of § 75B or the workers' compensation law, there are no clear rule under the law preventing employers from stopping all benefits while a worker is collecting workers' comp. But, Massachusetts General Law c. 175, § 110D, says that in most cases coverage will continue for 31 days following a termination, and Massachusetts General Law c. 175, § 110G requires most employers to offer continued coverage under the medical plan for additional 39 weeks (as long as the employee does not become eligible for another plan); the employee can be required to pay the entire (group rate) premium. Surviving spouses are also afforded the same coverage. 

Under applicable federal law (COBRA, Public Law 99-272), some employers are required to offer a continuation of whatever health plan the employee had prior to the termination or reduction in hours. This continuation period is usually 18 months; in some cases it is three (3) years. During this continuation period an employer can charge the employee the group rate, plus two percent (2%), for coverage. 

If you have any questions about what health care benefits, if any, your employer is required to offer you, contact your employer's Health Plan Administrator. If you can not afford the coverage offered by your employer, you should contact MassHealth, 1-888-665-9993. To get more information on the Federal COBRA law, call the U.S. Department of Labor, 617-565-9600.