(1) Pursuant to MGL c. l52, § 30H, each rehabilitation provider which offers services to workers' compensation recipients shall be evaluated periodically by OEVR. The evaluation shall focus on the quality of services provided, the costs of such services, and the results achieved by such services including the providers record relative to the avoidance of conflicts of interest in the provision of vocational rehabilitation services. In conducting such an evaluation, OEVR shall monitor and evaluate each individual written rehabilitation program implemented by the provider, documenting the injured employee's utilization of services and achievement of program goals. 

(2) OEVR shall notify in writing any rehabilitation provider who, according to the periodic evaluation, fails to meet service or cost effectiveness standards. Such notice shall state specifically the reasons for OEVR's finding of sub-standard performance. In order to satisfy OEVR that a performance deficiency has been corrected, each such provider shall submit any documentation required by OEVR to monitor and evaluate corrective actions taken by the provider. Unless the provider corrects each stated performance deficiency within 30 calendar days from the receipt of such notice, said provider may be suspended or removed by the commissioner from OEVR's list of approved providers. In the event that the provider is removed from the approved list of providers, an appeal may be submitted in writing to the commissioner within 14 days of such providers receipt of notice of removal or suspension.

(3) Certified providers performing any type of claims functions apart from vocational rehabilitation services, including hypothetical labor market surveys and earning capacity evaluations, shall be prohibited from providing vocational services to the same injured employee.