(1) If it is determined by OEVR that an initial interview is appropriate, OEVR shall schedule the mandatory meeting of said injured employee at a mutually convenient time as soon as practicable. If the injured employee fails to appear at the scheduled interview, OEVR shall reschedule by certified letter, however, if the injured employee fails to appear again, OEVR shall notify the insurer in writing, pursuant to MGL, c.152, § 30G, that the injured employee is not entitled to weekly compensation during the period of such refusal to attend the mandatory meeting.

(2) When an injured employee is determined suitable for vocational rehabilitation services by OEVR and refuses such services, the insurer may request written authorization from OEVR for a 15% reduction in weekly benefits for the time such injured employee refuses vocational services. In accordance with MGL c. 152, § 8(2)(f), OEVR will confirm authorization for reduction for refusal of such services in writing after the following:

(a) where OEVR holds a team meeting of all parties to resolve vocational issues and obstacles in the process; and/or

(b) where a certified letter is sent to the injured employee instructing s/he to contact OEVR within 5 working days;

Reinstatement will be authorized by OEVR when an injured employee actively resumes services or otherwise justifies to the satisfaction of OEVR the appropriateness of the refusal.

(3) Whenever an injured employee attends a mandatory meeting, actively resumes services or otherwise justifies to the satisfaction of OEVR the appropriateness of his or her refusal of services, OEVR will confirm in writing to the insurer that no authorization for suspension or reduction of benefits remains in effect.

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