Your benefits may be stopped or reduced for several reasons. Some of the more common reasons are:
  • It is ordered by an arbitrator, Administrative Judge, Reviewing Board, or higher court; or
  • You have returned to work (the insurer must resume benefits if you leave work again due to the same injury within 28 days, provided that the insurer has accepted or been assigned liability for your injury); or
  • The insurer has been given a medical report by your treating doctor or an impartial medical examiner stating that you are capable of returning to work, and your employer has reported in writing that a suitable position is available for you that your doctor has approved; or
  • You are requested to attend an evaluation by a Department of Industrial Accidents (DIA) Vocational Rehabilitation Review Officer, and you refuse to attend or refuse to cooperate with the provision of vocational rehabilitation services; or
  • You are asked to go to the insurer's doctor for evaluation, and you fail to attend; or
  • You are imprisoned after conviction for either a misdemeanor or felony.