The Keeper of Records Office (KOR) responds to requests for records in compliance with Massachusetts Public Records Law [MGL c. 66]. A WRITTEN request must be sent to the KOR. All documents that are not considered public records, or considered exempt under the MGL c. 4, § 7(26), in whole or in part, shall be withheld. If you are NOT a party to the workers' compensation case, then a signed authorization for the release of records from the claimant is required. A letter of receipt will be forwarded to you from the Keeper of Records Office, which will include the status of the file, and it's location, meaning it is at the DIA office or it is over at the State Archives or at an offsite storage facility. Such requests are processed in order of receipt. A reproduction fee of $ .20 per page for documents applies as well as a $ 5.00 standard research fee. 

Invoice of costs for research, labor and copying will be forwarded to the requesting party once the transaction has been completed. Make checks payable to the "Commonwealth of Massachusetts".

If you are the injured worker (either past or present) and you are requesting a copy of your file or other documents, there will be a fee of $10.00 in addition to to copying (.20 per page). You will be notified when you documents or file have been completed and the cost. The KOR Office has designed a form, DIA File request that can be filled out and sent to the DIA.

Request to Keeper of Records for file information  pdf format of Request DIA Records

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