The Claims Processing Operations Unit has two functions. The first being receipt of lost time reports reflecting five days of lost time, insurance forms, claims and liens per 452 CMR 1.00.

The second function is to enter information (including online filings) into our case management database. All information must be accurate; if not, manual filings will be returned with instructions and online filings will prompt you for the correct information. This Unit establishes the workers' compensation case at the initial level and may result in the scheduling of a conciliation.

Information brochures will be mailed to injured workers when a lost time report is filed with the DIA.

We encourage all employers and insurers in conjunction with their third party administrators, attorneys and third party providers to submit filings electronically, thus incurring no fee. You will be assured of timely acceptances and reduce your postage costs.

1-800-323-3249 (In Massachusetts Only)

Janine Senatore, x 7332


Francisco Pena, x 7493