The Department has in place procedures for receiving several Division of Industrial Accidents Notices by E-Mail for attorneys, attorney firms, employees who represent themselves, insurers, self-insurers, employers and third party administrators who have a worker's compensation case.

Forms, which can be received by E-Mail, are:

Rpt 003 - Conciliation Notices
Rpt 010 - Conference Notices
Rpt 012 - Hearing Notices
Rpt 027 - Initial Interview Meeting (Vocational Rehabilitation)
Rpt 030 - Determination of Suitability (Vocational Rehabilitation)
Rpt 031 - Determination of Provider (Vocational Rehabilitation)
Rpt 074 - Lump Sum Conference Notices
Rpt 105 - Form 105 (Agreement To Extend 180 Day Payment-Without-Prejudice Period) Approval
Rpt 113 - Form 113 (Agreement To Pay Compensation) Approval
Rpt 464 - Impartial Physician Exam Notice
Rpt 483 - Conciliation Withdrawal Notice
Rpt 571 - Pre-Transcript Conference Notices (Review Board)
Rpt 572 - Panel Assignment Notices (Review Board)
Rpt 573 - Oral Argument Notices (Review Board)
Rpt 601 - Section 46A Notices
Rpt 603 - 400 Day No Fee Notice to Appellant
Rpt 606 - Rescheduled Impartial Physician
Rpt 612 - Sec 10A Conference No Fee (400 Day) Notice
Rpt 625 - Initial Interview Letter For Employees (Vocational Rehabilitation)
Rpt 626 - Initial Interview Letter for Parties Except Employee (Vocational Rehabilitation)

To request E-Mail Notification, please click on revised Request DIA E-Mail Notices Form

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