If the insurer agrees to pay the claim, they will send you an Insurer's Notification of Payment - Form 103.

When will the benefits or check start?

You should start getting a check within three to four weeks after your injury or illness. You will receive compensation for lost wages for any days you are disabled after the first five full or partial calendar days. You are not compensated for the first five calendar days of incapacity unless you are disabled for 21 calendar days or more.

  • The first 180 days after your initial injury are considered a "Pay Without Prejudice" period. This means the insurer may pay benefits to you for up to 180 days without making a final decision on your case. Paying you during this period DOES NOT mean they have accepted liability. During this initial period, the insurer may stop or reduce your payments by giving you seven calendar days written notice via an Insurer's Notification of Termination or Modification of Weekly Compensation During Payment-Without-Prejudice Period - Form 106. The insurer must give the reasons for taking this action. If the insurer continues paying you past this period, they will, in most cases, need permission from you or a judge to stop or reduce your benefits.
  • The insurer may ask you to extend the initial 180-day "Pay Without Prejudice" period for up to a year, with your written consent, on an Agreement To Extend 180 Day Payment Without Prejudice Period - Form 105. The DIA must approve the form. You should make sure you are aware of all your rights before giving your consent or signing any other document.