The DIA Office of Investigations is responsible for ensuring that all employers operating in the Commonwealth carry workers' compensation insurance at all times, pursuant to M.G.L. c. 152, §25A and §25C. Any employer that is found to be in violation of the statute shall be served with a Stop Work Order (SWO). The SWO requires the business to close immediately upon service of the SWO and carries a fine of $100 per day until the employer presents proof of a valid policy and pays the fine.

The DIA has assigned investigators to cover every city and town in the Commonwealth. These investigators continually examine businesses and organizations of every size and description in order to guarantee that all employers in Massachusetts comply with the law. By doing so, the Office of Investigations seeks to prevent uninsured injuries statewide. Please note that the state run Workers' Compensation Trust Fund (WCTF) must pay benefits to those injured workers whose employer failed to provide the requisite insurance at the time of their injury. In addition, through greater compliance with the law, the DIA seeks to lower the cost of workers' compensation insurance to all employers. This can be accomplished by creating a larger premium base and lowering assessments each policy holder must pay in order to fund the WCTF and the DIA itself.

Again, ALL employers operating in Massachusetts must carry workers' compensation insurance at all times.

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