Pursuant to 452 CMR 7.02: Definitions , Standard Workers' Compensation Premiums, as used in MGL c. 152, § 65 and 452 CMR 7.00 - Practices By Insurers , shall mean the direct written premium equal to the product of payroll by class code and the currently applicable manual rates multiplied by any applicable experience modification factor.

Online Filing: Is now operational. All companies should have received a username and password to be used for login to the DIA website to complete its quarterly assessment form. The username is unique to each company and will remain the same as long as the company is active in Massachusetts.


To access the invoices each quarter go to the DIA's website www.mass.gov/dia. From there go to the section for ONLINE SERVICES, click on the link that says Online Login. That will take you to the login page. Input  your USERNAME and PASSWORD. If this is your first login attempt, you will be prompted to change the password. Once the  username and password is entered it will bring you to the main menu, click on the Online Forms Menu and choose your company status (such as insurer, self-insurance group or self insurance company).

All USERNAMES begin with aol as in (Assessment On Line).


The calendar quarter will be March 31st, June 30th, September 30th, and December 31st. The Quarterly Assessment (QA) forms will be available the first week of January, April, July and October of each year. A notification e-mail will be sent to each company in addition to being posted on the website regarding the availability of invoices for filing.

All insurance companies licensed to write Workers' Compensation insurance the Commonwealth of Massachusetts are required to file a QA form with the Department of Industrial Accidents (DIA) on a quarterly basis, regardless of whether or not the companies actually wrote any workers' compensation policies during the applicable period. Companies must upload the premium reporting template supporting documentation with the QA filing, which is found on the DIA website at http://www.mass.gov/dia/forms/assessment-forms/.


The premium reporting template found on the DIA's website must be submitted with the QA forms and must include the company's NAIC #, policy # with effective dates, total assessable premiums and the correct DIA assessment rate and the actual assessment remitted.

On the premium, reporting template adjustments must be reported in addition to the quarterly premiums collected arriving at a net premium and assessment amount. That net amount for premiums and assessment should be carried over to the invoice line 1 and line 2. (*see instructions below)

A company will not be allowed to claim any credits from prior quarters that is not reported/reconciled on the premium reporting template.

Any company failing to comply with these requirements and transmit the assessments after the due date or without the premium template will be considered in default and subject to a fine of $250.00 or 5% of the assessment, whichever is greater. This applies to all companies licensed to write Workers' Compensation in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.


    *Line 1: Total standard premiums for assessed employers for the period currently reported.
    *Line 2: Assessments collected/due. Multiply the total standard premiums (identified in Line 1) by the current assessment rate.
     Line 3: Total number of employers assessed for the period currently reported.

    Premium Reporting Template:

    *(Line 1 and Line 2 should reconcile with the information contained on the premium reporting template, total column).


    ACH DEBIT - Companies provider their banking information to the DIA and the funds will be withdrawn from the company's account.

    ACH CREDIT - The DIA will provide its banking information and the company will send the funds to the DIA's account.

Please note paper invoices are no longer sent or accepted by the DIA nor will checks be accepted. All filings and payments must be done online.

Please direct any questions regarding the assessment process to Nancy Moran at 617-626-5469.