The followings steps are required to become a trading partner with the Massachusetts Department of Industrial Accidents:

1. Begin by reviewing the web pages found on this web site.


Make sure that you can provide the required information to the department in Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) format.

In addition to sending EDI transactions to the department you will need to be able to process the acknowledgement (AKC) transactions that are sent back. The AKC for a "new" First Report of Injury claim will contain a jurisdiction claim number which will have to be used on any subsequent "change" or "cancel" transactions for the claim.

2. Review the IAIABC EDI Implementation Guide, at


This web site will give you additional information on preparing for an EDI engagement. IAIABC also provides EDI training.

3. Contact the Massachusetts Department of Industrial Accidents to be setup as a trading partner.


Before you can begin sending EDI data to the department you must be setup as a recognized trading partner. You will need to have mailboxes setup for sending EDI transactions to and receiving EDI transactions from the department and you need to ensure that you have the necessary software for accessing these mailboxes.

4.Complete a testing phase with the department.


During the testing phase you will send test EDI transactions to your mailbox and they will be processed against the departments test database for validated for correctness. The results of this processing will be sent back to you in the form of EDI acknowledgement (AKC) transactions.

5. Prepare for production implementation.


Once the testing phase is complete you may begin sending production transactions.