The Batch Claims Submission (BCS) process at the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Department of Industrial Accidents (DIA) is designed to process First Report of Injury (FROI) claims from authorized insurance providers using Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) protocols.

Once a provider is authorized by the DIA and a sender identification has been registered in our system, a Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP) account will be setup where the First Reports Of Injury (FROI) transactions can be sent and acknowledgements can be received. The FTP account will have both an inbound folder where FROI transactions can be dropped off and an outbound folder where acknowledgements (the results of previous sent transactions) can be picked up.

Transactions sent to the DIA will be picked up and automatically processed several times during the day. Transactions that pass initial validation by the Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) process still need to be accepted by the DIA's Claims Processing Department before a Board Number can be assigned. Once the transaction is accepted the appropriate acknowledgement transaction, including the DIA's Board Number, will be created and made available for pick-up in the outbound FTP folder. A FROI transaction can also be rejected by Claims Processing if it is determined to not be valid, in which case a rejection notification is sent back as an acknowledgement. First Reports of Injury transactions that do not pass initial validation by the EDI process are automatically rejected and the appropriate acknowledgement is created.