No. Some states have approved what is called "Ex-Medical" coverage, which allows for the payment of medical-only claims by employers themselves. We have not allowed this in Massachusetts largely because all the relevant statutes, including MGL c. 152, § 30 states: "The insurer shall furnish to an injured employee adequate and reasonable health care services . . . "

Some employers would like the ability to pay small medical claims themselves in order to keep those losses out of their experience rating calculations, but it turns out that such experience is actually relevant to their likelihood of having future claims. So, keeping the information out of the calculation would make the rating system less accurate.

Every employer MAY require its insurer to put them on a small deductible plan; taking that option would require them to pay per claim deductibles up to the prescribed limit and get the up-front premium reductions. But, claims are still counted for purposes of experience modification because use of that information has been determined to be actuarially sound.